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A Song Celebrating our freedom! God Bless America!


Who are we?

Singing at Spring To Victory Dinner

Heirloom- A Family possession handed down from generation to generation, often precious jewelry or gems. An item which has intrinsic value!

  We call ourselves THE AMERICAN HEIRLOOMS because of the rich legacy passed down through the generations of loving God, Music, Family & this Great Country! Our songs and singing style reflect this passion!

   We love America & are so appreciative of the great sacrifice that our Veterans have given & Active Military are currently giving! 

   Our Style is more Country but we do an array of styles & songs! We have originals written about America, Military, Veterans, Family, God & Love!

   Currently our Group consists of Jennie Aho (Keys & Vocalist) Melodi Henault (Vocalist) Darlene West (Vocalist) Danita West (Vocalist) Naomi Jussila (Vocalist) Darlene Warnke, (Vocalist), Alternates: Christie Seppala, Melissa Butterfly (Vocalists) Tommy Seppala (Acoustic Guitar) Adam Aho (Percussion)

   Our Events consist of a combination of this group. On some occasions all do make it!

   We're about to release our first album this Fall, Called TRUMPET OF FREEDOM~An American Collage!

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Live Life in Song


We are living out our life through songs! I will experience a Happy event like my son graduating from Bootcamp in the Marines.. Says Jennie Aho (She has written all the originals on the TRUMPET OF FREEDOM Album as well as the Gospel Album which they're just starting to record) Or I'll see a newborn baby, the beautiful foliage here in New England, or a beautiful sunset! (Darlene & I will chase down a sunset for the best picture) a song will spring up from my heart! Through many joys.. heart aches and adventures our songs emerge! I believe you can feel it as we sing.

Be Inspired By Everything

This is Jennie Aho's son Ryan a Marine

Wow! Yes! our inspiration.. LOVE.. That's love for God, Family and This Great Country We live in.. America! Patriotism is in our blood! God Bless America And God Bless our troops!

   Our family has always had members in the Military. But, Jennie's son Ryan joined the Marines.. That's when it truly hit home! The immense sacrifice & emotional roller coaster Military families face everyday, Is greater than you think y'all!! Thank you ALL you Military families also! We love and appreciate your sacrifice too! God Bless you!


O Holy Night

O Holy Night is 1 song on An American Heirloom Christmas Album. 1 of the favorite Oldie but goodies of the Group!


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